A downloadable game for Windows

Snowship is a colony survival-management simulation game. You are the voice in the back of the colonist's heads and you are responsible for telling them how to survive in this harsh, open world.

Build up your colony as large as you can by supplying it's colonists with safe homes, food, beds, and materials; but watch out for anything which may befall them.


Snowship employs a huge amount of procedural generation, with the world, the colonist, and events being generated using various algorithms and information so that the game world will look, feel, and play differently every time.


  • Mostly-implemented Completely dynamic world which can be almost totally changed using various terraforming tools that your colonist's can utilize.
  • Planned Deep and tightly integrated systems causes small decisions to potentially cascade into much larger events.
  • Partially-implemented Supply chains for resource creation allows for organic and gradual progression from primitive technologies to advanced future technology, and everything in-between.
  • More features and systems are coming with every update!


As Snowship is in very early and heavy development, features are constantly being added and modified to make the overall experience an enjoyable mix of fun, satisfaction, and difficulty.

Contact me @Flizzehh on Twitter with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

View the internal development notes of the game here. This is where I list the things that currently need to be fixed/changed/added/etc. to the game so you can understand the current progress towards any future updates.

Please note that the current state of the game may cause there to be unexpected crashing, incompatibilities, and performance issues on various systems. The game is also currently missing some critical features as it is very early in development.



  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Pan Camera
  • Scroll Wheel - Zoom Camera
  • Left Mouse - Select Colonist, Chest, Object, etc. and move colonist.
  • Right Mouse - Deselect
  • Drag Mouse - Select Area
  • 1 - Slow Down Time
  • 2 - Speed Up Time
  • R - Rotate Selected Object
  • F - Follow Selected Colonist

Install instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file containing a folder and an executable.
  2. Extract the ZIP file.
  3. Enter the extracted folder and run the executable to play!


Windows may warn you that it does not trust the file as the publisher is unknown. You can safely bypass this warning as Snowship poses no risk to your computer. This issue is being worked on and a permanent solution will hopefully be available soon so the warning does not appear.


Snowship B51.zip (16 MB)


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how do i use the cotton gin

Sorry its unintuitive, I'm working on making it easier to understand how to create resources among other things.

You have to click on your colony name in the top-right, and then click on the Resources button. On the top-left scroll down to Cloth and click on it, and then increase the value and it will automatically create jobs to keep the amount of cloth at that level by bringing cotton to the cotton gin and creating cloth.

uhh... Hi, great game so far.... Actually I love these type of games. Reminds me of Gnomoria a lot. Oh and 'I want more!!!!!' lol Just kidding. Well, no I'm not kidding about wanting more. But I am kidding on the childish demand. Cannot wait to play.

Hey thanks I really appreciate it!

I haven't updated it in a little while because I've been pretty busy with other things but I'm currently working on the next update and I hope to have a good amount of new features once its ready.

Thanks again!